Customer Service

At YASDA our service does not end after we deliver and install the machine. Our commitment to customer support  drives us to go beyond initial machine performance requirements.

To fulfill the customer’s satisfaction, we work closely with our local partners to provide strong support for your machine. Our partners' technicians are regularly trained by YASDA and are available to respond to your questions quickly.

Furthermore, we have an established supply chain to ensure that you receive machine parts in a timely fashion, to minimize your machine downtime.

YASDA Customer Service

Application tests for your projects can be carried out with our experienced specialists in our YASDA Technical Center

which is a temperature controlled show-room. The Technical center is located at our partner GmbH. The room is equipped with  the most modern measuring technology as well as the latest models of YASDA machines. We locally provide the solutions to meet your needs for precision machining.


Achieve the highest accuracy with us!

The sustainable machining quality is determined not only by the machine itself but also the machine operator.

Our professional engineers will custom design your training according to  your requests, such as application strategy, machine maintenance, etc..

We will fully support our customers by leveraging our know-how of achieving sub-micron levels which we have accumulated in the history.

YASDA - Training CenterYASDA - Training CenterYASDA - Training Center