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At YASDA we have a three directional approach to developing leading and innovative machine technology: Ultra-high precision, advanced automation and multifunction.

We are committed to the development and production of reliable high-precision machining center that continue to support cutting-edge industries now and in the future.

Self-Adjusting preload spindle:
YASDA’s core to provide our customers with a spindle that could do both heavy duty cutting and high precision finishing, led to the development of the self-adjusting preload spindle. This unique system self-adjusts as the bearings heat up to allow the spindle to maintain the same amount of preload at all speeds over the entire speed range.

Thermal Distortion Stabilizing System:
YASDA’s one of a kind Thermal Distortion Stabilizing System is an advanced temperature control system that works to control the temperature of the machine for optimal performance and precision. This system works to cool the machine during the operation to eliminate thermal deformation that would affect the precision of the machine, even in factory environments that are not air-conditioned.


Our assemble factories were built very carefully against the vibration and fitted with temperature management systems

that maintain a constant temperature within +/- 0.5 degree all year-round to ensure high precision manufacturing. In the main factory, we produce our ultra-high precision machinery, where all of the highest precision components, are machined by our machines.


The pursuit of sub-micrometer precision :The only way to achieve true sub-micrometer accuracy and precision is if you can measure it.

In our high-precision measuring room, we use ultra-precise measuring technology to ensure that all YASDA produced components are accurate to sub-micrometer levels.


No other part of our production process embodies YASDA’s core for the pursuit of perfection than hand- scraping. Our expert hand-scrapers.

Meticulously scrape each surface with sub-micrometer precision to ensure components not only attain, but will continue to maintain the highest possible precision over the life of the machine.