Highest accuracy machining x Stability for long term x Innovative software = YASDA’s automation solution.

We tailor automation solutions to the customer's wishes! Automation is a focal topic for many manufacturing sites.

Since the dawn of automation, YASDA has been offering unique automation systems. For the automated line, it is very important that the machine has not only the software but also the capability to achieve process stability.

By leveraging the machine accuracy, we will lead you to achieve the high-end automated line which will revolutionize your existing process.


To meet the demand from a single slot for die and mold making to 24/7 continuous machining for parts production, YASDA

developed a unique pallet changer as well as software system(OpeNe ver.2.0). At the customer’s request, YASDA offers diverse pallet changer systems.


Measuring workpiece inclination angle, roundness, and flatness by using touch probe.

YASDA’s measuring system performs unmanned measurement of the zero point and the angle of a workpiece very precisely.

The measurement result can be checked on the graph and utilize the further process.

Managing information of each tool regarding offset, machining condition, and measurement on one screen.

The tool management screen allows ATC and tool length/radius measurements on the screen without
using any program.

Tool type, machining condition, and other information can be checked and edited on one screen.

For machines with several pallets, allocating program for each workpiece and creating​ schedule, enabling schedule machining judgement and machining end time estimation​.

YASDA’s work management function allows not only flexible schedule setting but also machining time simulation and propriety judgement before the start.​ In machining time simulation, time required for each machining and estimated end time of the entire schedule can be confirmed to achieve highly effective operation of each production plan. ​