Reliable solution for 5-axis die and mold making. YBM Vi40 equipped with high rigidity and accurate rotary B/C axis realizes excellent responsiveness and high-precision and high surface quality.

Important Specifications

Travel (X,Y,Z)


Table working size

Dia. 400mm

Loading capacity


Spindle rpm (BBT 40)


YBM Vi40
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YBM Vi40

Machine Structure

A machine bed made of high-quality cast iron supports the thermally symmetrical double column: the structure integrating the column and crossbeam as one component.  

This makes the machine absolutely rigid and outstandingly stable.

vi40 Machine
vi40 Machine

Rotary Table

YASDA's in house built high-precision and rigid rotary table equipped with a DD(Direct Drive) motor enables simultaneous 5-axis machining as well as hard milling.

vi40 Table
vi40 Table

Guide Way

YASDA's traditional hybrid box guide ways:

The box guideway is fastened to a hand scraped mounting surface in order to minimize Roll, Pitch and Yaw error of each guideways and thus to achieve high straightness and geometric accuracy.

vi40 guide way
vi40 guide way

Thermal distortion stabilizing system

Measures against thermal displacement have been developed based on YASDA's long experience and technological advancements. This YASDA's unique system blocks rapid thermal distortion and maintains stable high precision machining.

vi40 Thermal
vi40 Thermal


15" touch panel display mounted with FANUC iHMI interface and YASDA's User interface "OpeNe Version 2.0" provide intuitive operation and high functionality. The "OpeNe version 2.0" provide the operator with complete details of the machine and innovative solutions.



The preload self-adjusting spindle developed by YASDA realizes a high degree of accuracy through whole speed range.

vi40 Spindle
vi40 Spindle


Vi40 is equipped a automatic tool changer (ATC) with 60 tools standard. The number of tools can be expanded up to 200 tools.

vi40 ATC
vi40 ATC


Travel (X,Y,Z) : 900x500x450mm 

Min. indexing angle (B,C) : 0.0001 deg

Spindle : 24,000min-1

Spindle Taper : BBT40  [ HSK-A63 (op) ]

Work dimension : Dia. 500x350mm (limitation)

Loading capacity : 200kg 

Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) : Max. 20,000mm/min 

Table rotation speed (B) : 20 min-1

Table rotation speed (C) : 100 min-1

ATC capacity : 60 tools [ Max. 200 tools (op) ] 

YBM Vi40


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