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Milling + grinding = Bring you to the place you are heading to!
July 15, 2022

Milling + grinding = Bring you to the place you are heading to!

We are now ready to satisfy the growing demand to perform both milling and grinding processes on a single machine to the highest degree.

The YMC Series is YASDA's most advanced machining center that achieves Nm-level surface quality and outstanding accuracy while providing versatility from roughing to finishing in the field of micro machining. The machine is composed of a highly rigid double column frame, high-speed linear motor drives for all axes, and thermal displacement countermeasures based on more than 30 years of expertise to achieve stable, high-precision machining over long periods of time.

With milling only, it is extremely difficult to achieve sub-micron accuracy on deep vertical walls and holes, which are normally finished by grinding. YASDA’s JIG grinding function makes it possible to carry out both milling and grinding process on a single machine at sub-micron level, achieving higher productivity as switching from the milling machine to a JIG grinding machine becomes obsolete.

The JIG grinding process, which normally requires a skilled engineer, can easily be performed by any operator. Thanks to YASDA's latest on machine measuring technology enabling operators to carry out automatic tasks easily and at a high level using the on-machine measuring and post-processing.

YASDA's newly developed original JIG grinding and dressing cycle, based on the FANUC G-code guidance function, is easily accessible. Thanks to this, programs such as simple inside pocket or, outside box shapes, round holes, as well as the dressing cycle can be made via a dialog with the CNC. Even if the customer's CAM system is not set up for JIG grinding processes, or if the operator is new to the task, with YASDA’s JIG grinding function it is possible to start grinding right away.

Equipped with the jig grinding function, the YMC Series evolves into a product satisfying customer requirements that go beyond a mere milling machine. To see our newest invention live in action, visit us at AMB 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany.