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CNC Jig Borer YMB640/950V model changed to ver.V
August 15, 2022

CNC Jig Borer YMB640/950V model changed to ver.V

This year,“YBM640/950V” become Ver.V as “Masterpiece of the YBM series”.
Equipped with YASDA’s proprietary technology including its highly rigid construction, the self-adjusting preload spindle and the thermal distortion stabilizing system, the YBM series achieves ultimate high-precision machining.
Newly installed advanced software and a high-performance measurement system take high-precision machining to a whole new level.

 -      Revolutionary façade
The design represents “perfect standard” for both customers who know YASDA and don’t. The new model “ver.V” embraces everything that YASDA machines is are about”

 -      Universal design
Movable NC arm self-standing type with height adjustment is newly adopted. It enables high flexibility during operation.

 -      Perfect setting for Automation
The new model is designed for t flexibility in automation. Stainless steel cover prevents chips in the machine, improving durability and chip evacuation. Maintenance panels/accessories are relocated, improving the flexibility of automation layout.

 -       Sustainability
The invertor hydraulic units are equipped as standard.
Combining with energy saving mode, the max 6% reduction of its energy consumption is achieved.

To see our newest invention live in action, visit us at AMB 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany.